With our hands and a «little bit» of help from our family and friends , we have created this corner.

We think we can do it ourselves and enjoy it while making something beautiful no hurries.

Rubén y Raquel

So this is our house:

       2 to 4 people

       double room: 2 beds

       double room: double bed

       sitting-dining room: sofa and chimney

       complete kitchen: washing machine, dishwasher, oven...

       complete bathroom
Price: 90€/night
Booking lacasitadelmos@gmail.com

Camino de Santiago

Intimacy and comfort

Relax in and from the Camino with a whole-little-house for you.

2km away from Atapuerca.

Enjoy our complete breakfast and follow the yellow arrows to catch up the top of the Sierra to continue to Burgos.

Archeological Sites

World Heritage

Most complete human bones site in Europe .

3 different human species found 1ma- 350.000.

Stone tools, lions, horses, hyenas, hipos, bears, almost complete human skull 300.000 years, ear bones, first murder, a deaf person… a shelter, a trap, a burial… unique place, worths visiting.